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NANO 106 Pieces Portable Fixture

Sep 18, 2016

Since the 21st century, along with the advanced development, the accuracy requirement of all industrial fields is becoming higher. Precise measurement results are from precision measuring instruments, and the correct measuring method is even more reliable on the Fixture.

When use the fixture, first of all, according to the shape of work-piece bottom to be measured, using a specific type of fixture to support the work-piece on the floor, and then according to the side shape of the work-piece, choose a few type fastening clamp to fix it without wave. 

The functions of fixture:

1. The main body of the fixture (installation tablet) can fully protect the granite platform, prolong its service life. 

2. Through some simple combination, it can achieve the more complex fixture of a variety of products. 

3. It can realize the accurate repeat positioning, we have code of each installing hole and the fixture components. Each fixture mode can be recorded by these codes, you can fix the products according to the codes for the next time (or batch and repeated) measurement. 

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