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Measuring Error of CMM (II)

Jan 03, 2017

1. Environmental Temperature

The length measuring error E and detecting error R is the error under the conditions stipulated before delivery, which also known as basic error. The first step of environmental conditions is the ambient temperature. General environment temperature required is within 20 ° C ± 2 ° C. Environmental temperature requires not only CMM itself but also parts to be tested be stable. Due to the metal materials affected by the temperature will produce heat bilges cold shrink, so under different temperatures, length is not the same. 

2. Environmental Humidity

Humidity should be controlled within 35 ~ 65% commonly, humidity not only affect the measurement error, but also will seriously damage the parts of electrical appliances of CMM, etc. Install dehumidifier in the CMM room, and match it with the environment humidity. If the humidity is too small, which is less than 35%, it is need to increase the humidity is slightly greater than 35%.

3. Pressure

In the using conditions of coordinate measuring machine, the pressure must reach a certain value. Because all of the air bearing of CMM are gas bearing, low air pressure will seriously affect the measurement error. Some users’ understanding of this is not enough, a general air compressor station air supply provided by the factory, which lead to the air is extremely stable. 

4. Electromagnetic

Electromagnetic affect electric equipment of the coordinate measuring machine, because the electromagnetic field has changed a lot, which will make the coordinate measuring machine produces haphazard random error. Therefore, there is no any transformers, electric spark machine tools, frequency resistance, arc welding, seam welder such as strong electric field, magnetic field, and other equipment near the coordinate measuring machine room.

5. Vibration

If there is some vibration source, it can also make CMM error, and if the vibration source is different, the error is different. Therefore, it requires that there is no vibration machine, punching machine and other strong source equipment. 

6. Light

Light is also a question of environmental temperature, which easily ignored by people, especially without heat preservation measures, setting up windows, measuring room built on the corner of two adjacent walls. Under the sunlight, it will make the temperature different in the computer room, which will result in a measurement error. The lights of the room don't be too close to one part of the coordinate measuring machine.

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