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Introduction of Compressed Air

Mar 06, 2017

Making use of air pressure and air flow to carry on all sorts of work is called "pneumatic technology", and the air in compressed state is called "compressed air".

Air is the raw material of the compressed air, therefore, the chemical properties of the compressed air is same as air. As power source, it has the feature of high safety, pollution-free, etc. In addition, the storage capacity of compressed air is very strong. As long as the storage vessel seals well, the energy can be kept in the container all the time.

The compressed air has many advantages as a kind of power, so it is widely used.

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Function of compressed air

Because the air is one of the most common compressed medium, the compressed air is easy to get and it can’t cause pollution, so the compressed air is used in various areas and industries to realize automation and to save labor costs.

So because of the feature of the high-pressure compressed air, it is possible to be applied in industry of coordinate measuring machine. For CMM, compressed air has the following application:

1.The compressed air can provide power for static pressure type air bearing (also called air bearing. Below we will call it air bearing).

Most CMM adopt zero friction movement of air bearing. The principle is to input high-pressure compressed air from the inlet into air bearing, then the air flow out through the hole on the surface of the air bearing. Thus, there will be an air space like a certain thickness of air film between air bearing and guide way. The air film can make the movement of the moving parts to realize approximate zero friction. In this way, it can guarantee the normal work of CMM. Therefore, the compressed air  can guarantee the normal work of CMM.

2.The compressed can provide power for cylinder balance.

As for the coordinate measuring machine, Z axis is in the vertical direction, so the force made by the weight must be eliminated by other components. Due to the advantages of the smooth movement, reliable positioning, simple structure and easy adjustment, the balance cylinder is currently the first choice for the balance part of all the coordinate measuring machines. The function of the high pressure compressed air is obvious in the balance system.

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