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Introduction of CMM Fixture

Nov 02, 2017

The main part of universal flexible fixture -- the clamping plate, which can fully protect the precision of the marble platform, avoid the work-piece touching the marble bench directly and prolong its service life.

● Universal flexible fixture can achieve a variety of clamping of more complex products as long as through the combination of some simple, which can save money for the user to those special fixture design, save the production cost, improve corporate profitability and market competitiveness

● Realize accurate repeat positioning, there are codes for every hole of mounting plate and fixture components, can record those codes of each way of clamping for convenient measurement next time, which can provide users to minimize the clamping time, improve work efficiency, and provide a reliable way of clamping, utmost reduce the measurement error, lay the foundation for accurate measurement data

Note: the fixture can be customized according to the customer demand.


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