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Instrument Winter Protection

Nov 30, 2017

Instruments and meters, its precise stable to provide reliable data for testing, however, when the winter coming, due to the low temperature, it often cause instrumentation parts damage, which cannot provide stable and accurate resulting data, etc., So how to protect the instrument in winter? 

A. Heat insulation measures

By using insulation material to wrap the body parts of instrument that are easy to freeze. We need to check to prevent the packaging breakage of the insulation material 

B. Maintenance measures

1. Choose the location of Installation : dry, no rain or snow drop

2. Technical confirmation shall be carried out whether the failure of the insulation materials and whether the steam pipeline is blocked.

3. We can add the sound and light alarm device of steam leakage or power failure state, so as to facilitate the detection and timely treatment of the hidden dangers of the anti-freezing measures.

Some area the temperature difference is too large, and the night can reach more than -20 degrees. If you can solve it from the selection, you can choose the insulation device type instrument, according to the type of the instrument and the location of the installation.

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