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Installation preparation of NANO CMM

Oct 10, 2016

After measuring machine delivered to the user, please do serious & necessary checking and do preparation for the installation, such as the installation site, transport passage, and the delivery tool.

1. Package check  

Check and count the packing boxes, serial number and appearance status. When there is shortage or something is broken, please contact the related delivery department in time to clarify the truth and contact us. 

2. Disassemble the packing box

The packing box should be opened by our technicians and the user together. The parts in the box should be protected from being broken. After packing box open, please check cargo mode, quantity and isolated pieces according to the packing list. 

3. Clean up the accessories

In order to protect the CMM and parts from damage or rust during transportation, the CMM components are packaged separately before they are shipped out from the manufacturer. Please do clean up before installation. 

4. Power and air pump

AC 220V stable voltage power is required. The user should prepare exclusive ground cable. The flow and pressure of air pump should meet the regulations. The air must be filtered before input to CMM. The compressed air to CMM must be dry and the air temperature must be near the measuring room temperature to guarantee that the air bearing, cylinder parts work normally so as to ensure the precision and stability of the CMM. 

Please inform us if any questions or advice