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How to Measure More Accurately?(II)

Jul 03, 2017

1.Establish an accurate coordinate system

For the method of coordinate system 3-2-1, for the first time is to establish the coordinate system manually, but the operator manual error is easy to be added. Therefore, after the coordinate system manually established, it’s suggested to adopt the automatic measurement mode(DCC).and then measure the baseline characteristics of the coordinate and set a new coordinate system again.

2. Select the appropriate maesurement and evaluation method

The problem of measuring method is the biggest reason for measuring repeatability and measuring accuracy. Usually, we use the "maximum tolerance principle" to measure characteristics which the distribution of measuring points uniformly distributed in the largest area of the whole feature. But because of the particularity of components, the measurement results will be in large error or repeatability will be bad when this requirement is not met. For example, when we measure a less than 1/4 circle or arc; measure the coaxiality or pulsation of the cylinder at one end of the base; measure the perpendicularity or parallelism of the rectangular plane; measure the diameter of the truncated circular cone and so on. For these elements, if they were simply measured by simple measuring method, the result would be in a particularly poor performance and repeatability will be not good. When we meet these particular situations, the particular analysis should be considered.Meet these situations, particular case is particular analysis in order to get a better measurement result.