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How to Measure More Accurately?(I)

Jun 29, 2017

It requires to check and analyze in different aspects when we find the same program, same part or features’ several testing results are quite different;even different operators can output different results, or the measured result is inconsistent with the actual assembly state. How to find the cause rapidly and eliminate the risk of quality inspection, please follow the following steps:

Firstly, check the clamping and fixing of workpiece

Because the granite countertop is very smooth, if the workpiece is placed directly on table, it will move in measuring machine center of gravity or the accelerated motion produces vibrations. All these will influence the measuring results especially when the spare parts are very small and light. What’s more, it seems that spread a layer of rubber or plastic can protect work table. But it will cause a bad measuring repeatability for the spare parts. Thus, for batch testing, it’s suggested to adopt a scientific way of clamping, three points support localization, and must have a reliable and convenient locating datum to ensure the accuracy of the clamping repetition.


Secondly, select the reasonable stylus configuration

a)     For some spare parts which is without grinding machine processing or processing burr, stylus of a larger diameter is recommended; for the easy deformed workpiece, it’s suggested to select a small force measuring head.

b)    Probe Calibration

The correctness of the measuring head calibration is the guarantee of measurement accuracy, especially the calibration of the multi-head position and the star type probe, which must be double checked to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. When using the standard ball to check probe, the calibration points in each layer should be increased appropriately for the high accuracy of the measurement; In order to measure the characteristic of complex curved surface, it is necessary to increase the number of calibrated layers; It is important to note that we often overlook a detail: to confirm the head component is screwed up; to confirm your needle ruby spherical and standard spherical is clean.

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