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How to Improve the CMM Working Efficiency

May 22, 2017

Coordinate measuring machine(CMM) as a kind of high precision general measuring equipment has a history of decades of development, and be used more and more widely in the field of industrial production, more and more paid attention by the production-oriented enterprises. The introduction of CAD function in the measuring software pushes the CMM to a new height.

CMM is a kind of high precision instruments, cannot unlimited lengthen working hours, in order to protect it, we also need regularly to keep its accomplishment adjustment. There are several main ways to improve the utilization rate of the CMM:


A. Offline Programming

The CNC CMM has improved the efficiency of batch measurement, and through programming of the given work-piece, we can realize the automatic rapid measurement. Before introducing CAD functions, professionals need to procedure programming corresponding drawings, this method is relatively complex and need higher requirements for operators. One way to do this is to use self-learning programming function of the software, and automatically generate the measuring program while measuring the artifacts. This program can be invoked automatically when the same artifacts are measured again. Because this method is easy, so it is widely used in the industry. But since this programming cannot be dependent on the actual work-piece, there are many disadvantages that are hard to overcome. One advantage is due to the software cannot leave the hardware environment, we must form a complete set of gas source to make measuring function normal operation can be programmed, this is more complicated. The other advantage is that programming cannot be programmed without the work-piece, so it is necessary to wait for the artifact to be processed before it can be programmed, thus reducing the efficiency and affecting production.

After introducing the function of CAD in software, because we can issue programming in the offline virtual measurement based on CAD model, thus solves the above problem. Whether or not production is done, you can issue programming as soon as input the CAD drawing files into the measuring software. The work-piece can be measured as soon as it is processed, which greatly improves the efficiency of production. 

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