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How to Deal With the Big Error of CMM Measuring Results

Mar 02, 2017

When using three coordinate measuring machine for measuring, if meet the measurement deviation is too big, so please click the following method to the problem.


1.The fixture is unreliable;

2.Surface roughness of the work-piece is too large or there is some dirt adhered on the surface of the work-piece;

3.CMM accessories connection is unreliable;

4.Correct the measuring stylus;

5.Wrong measuring method.

CMM measuring


1.When measure the work-piece, (especially small artifacts), we should ensure to use fixture. And measurements are out of relative movement, this will help to improve the accuracy of measurement.

2.Constant temperature processing of work-piece should be taken before a measurement, and then carefully clean its surface, ensure no dirt on the surface.

3.Make sure that all the accessories connected reliability before the measurement.

4.When changing the stylus, please assemble and calibrate the stylus first to ensure the reliability of the measurement results.

5.Reasonable correct measurement scheme will effectively improve the accuracy of measurement, please confirm the scheme be reasonability before measuring.

6.Environmental conditions can also cause measurement errors, please do measurement under the correct environment.

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