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How to Control The CMM Accuracy In Real Time

Jan 19, 2017

Many users are not clear their own coordinate measuring machine(CMM) precision after using a period of time. How to control the CMM accuracy in real time, Here recommend some method of introspection.

1. Using standard inspection tool

The best way to check machine precision is with standard inspection tool. Gage block, ring gauge, sphere, high precision angle square, etc. When the temperature changes or higher measurement precision needed, we can use above standard tool to examine the length, roundness, diameter and other parameters. When it is necessary, we can also carry on the appropriate correction. It is very useful for the operator.

2. Using standard work-piece

Using standard work-piece to inspect machine accuracy, but is relatively more complicated, it can only carry out in a period of time. More convenient way is to use a typical work-piece, complete automatic measurement program, measure for many times under the well machine calibration. Then calculate according to the statistical regularity and record the reasonable value and tolerance range. 

If feel no confidence of the above two methods, you can also contact us and we will offer a variety of value-added services.

Measuring system upgrade

Configuring the most advanced measuring control system in customers’ early measuring machine, making the whole measuring machine to upgrade to the current world advanced technology level, improving measurement efficiency by upgrade, finishing all kinds of inspection work.

Accuracy calibration and correction

Regularly carry out calibration and correction of the machine for consumer to make the equipment always maintain high precision, high efficiency, to ensure the accuracy of measurement results.

Measuring software

Through the update and improvement of software function to meet customer demand to the maximum extent, and provide a variety of specialized software for the selection, develop special measurement solutions for our customers.


Making high standard regular maintenance solutions to customers, ensure reliable operation of measuring machine, prolong the service life of the measuring machine. At the same time to provide sufficient measuring machine spare parts, make your measuring machine in using without worries.

Technical training 

According to using characteristics, making professional custom training tutorial, answering questions to make you quickly grasp technical skills and improve the detection efficiency.

On-site service

After-sales service engineers will provide on-site service for customers in the first time, which can allow you to truly experience the NANO close quality services.


NANO can provide variousportable functional fixture to simple the measuring craft.

Please inform us if any questions or advice