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How to Clean The Grating Ruler of CMM

Sep 02, 2016

High precision coordinate measuring machine is required to work in the dust-free indoor environment, the temperature must be controlled between 18 to 22 degrees, air humidity controlled between 40% and 70%. So measuring environment must be installed with suitable air conditioning equipment. Conditional user can choose to install dryer to ensure the air quality. Althoughthree coordinates measuring machine in such a good environment, the grating ruler still need to do maintenance on a regular basis. This can ensure the measuring accuracy and prolong the service life of three coordinates measuring instrument.

Grating ruler is precision measurement component, its maintenance plays a great role in improving the measuring precision. Blows are the notes of the right way to clean grating ruler :

First, dip in absorbent ball with dehydrated alcohol, take the absorbent ball wiping from one side of the grating ruler to the other side, and then replace it with the clean cotton ball to wipe again. Cotton ball can't be reused, and mustn’t wipe back and forth. Pay particular attention to that do not to touch reading head in the process of wiping. Because reading head is used to read grating sensor calibration, its location and distance from grating are accurately adjusted. If these things are changed, it will cause the reading errors that can't start the system, so be sure to pay attention to it; And don't let the noise of cotton fiber stick on the grating, fiber adsorption will produce electrostatic to affect reading head. Grating ruler should not be wiped frequently, quarter or half an year is OK.

For Renishaw open grating ruler, there is a kind of protective film on the layer of grating ruler. If you want to clean it, dip in flannelette with water graze or to wipe with anhydrous ethanol. But the quality of anhydrous ethanol must be high, which must not contain methanol, because methanol is corrosion of the protective film. 

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