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How to Choose UPS for CMM

Oct 19, 2017

Firstly, make sure the power of the equipment,  generally, ordinary PC or industrial of power is around 200 w, MAC is in 300 w, server between 300 w and 600 w, other equipment power value can refer to the instruction manual of the device.

Secondly should know the rated power of UPS, there are two methods: apparent power (VA) and the actual output power (W), because the existence of the reactive power caused the differences, the conversion relation is: apparent power * power factor = actual output power.

The power factor of back-up and online interactive is between 0.5 and 0.7, and the online power factor is usually 0.8.


In order to match UPS with equipment, it should be based on the actual output power of UPS.

According to the use of environment selection can be divided into industrial UPS and commercial UPS. Industrial UPS adapt to the hostile environment, and the commercial UPS have higher environmental requirements.

UPS is usually divided into two types:  Industrial frequency and high frequency. The industrial frequency UPS is composed of SCR rectifier, IGBT inverter, bypass and work frequency boost isolation transformer. The frequency of the rectifier and transformer is 50Hz.
High frequency UPS is usually compose of IGBT high frequency rectifier, the battery converter, inverter and the bypass. IGBT rectifier switch frequency is usually in a few K to tens of KHz, even as high as hundreds of KHz, compared with 50 hz, power frequency is called high frequency UPS.

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