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How to Choose the CMM Stylus

Aug 31, 2017

The coordinate measuring machine(CMM) stylus tip is directly in contact with the work-piece, which is generally installed on the axial end, made by the synthetic single crystal height of the industrial ruby (AL2O3). Ruby is a very hard ceramic material to minimize the wear and tear of the touch. There are many different types and sizes of rubies to meet different applications; The bar installed on the stylus are usually made of non-magnetic stainless steel, ceramic carbon fiber or tungsten carbide.

renishaw stylus

Ruby ball styluses are suitable for most detection applications. In order to increase the measurement accuracy of the CMM as much as possible, the user should follow the following principles:

1.    Keep it simple

2.    Choose short, stiffness one

3.    Use the biggest ball as the tip.

4.    Check to make sure the stylus tip is not loose

5.    Keep it clean

6.    Choose the best suitable stylus

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