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How to Choose A Measuring Software?

Jun 22, 2017

Software enables the measuring machine to meet the potential requirement of speed and accuracy.

Today's measurement software can reach this level, even the most complex programs do not require knowledge of computer programming. Nowdays, the measurement software is menu-driven, it reminds the operator what he needs to do, and even recommends the most likely option.


Software programs also have statistical process analysis and control functions. The application software for thin-walled piece measurement simplifies the positioning and measurement of the workpiece that contains the steps edge, through nuts and bolts. Fully functional contour makes measurement machine can work rapidly and accurately confirm the complex, non-geometric, non-straight workpieces. Such as turbine blades, screw compressor rotor, gear, piston, CAM and the crankshaft.


The soft gauge work package can graphically construct the gauge and insert the features of the parts through mathematical methods to correct the geometric dimensions. Some programs provide such modules to measure non-rule shapes such as thin walls and plastic assembly, windshield and exhaust. This reduces the need for expensive fixed meters. Other modules can perform 2-d and 3-d optimization processes and can complete profile comparisons.


The data transmission standard is developed and widely accepted by the industry, such as the measurement interface standard (DMIS), which is used to complete the communication from CAD system to the measuring machine; The initial graphical exchange standard (IGES) is to complete data exchange from CAD system to CAD system. Such a function makes the measurement function sufficient to be used in reverse engineering. At this point, the product data comes from the measurement of modules or parts. The data transmission can also be helpful for CAD data development and measurement procedures. In the appropriate situation, even offline, it can help to reduce the burden of the measuring machine in mass production. Therefore, choosing the right measurement software is of critical importance.

Nano Metrology adopts the world-famous measurement software-Rational DMIS which is visualized, convenient and intelligent. It can help you to work with high-efficiency and make sure your products’ quality, which can be your best choice to work with.  


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