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How to Choose A CMM?

Jun 12, 2017

The function of the three-coordinate measuring machine is to evaluate the dimension data quickly and accurately. Below is the introduction of how to choose a CMM:

 The three-coordinate measuring machine measures workpieces by using a sensor called a probe, the data obtained can be combined with a description of the artifact or a specific feature of the artifact, such as a hole. By describing these dimensions, it is easier to determine whether an artifact or feature is too bad. The information also provides clues to correcting aberrations in the production process.

(I)                  Let the coordinate measuring machine suit your application

If a coordinate measuring machine is required for your work, how do you choose the best?

The first thing to do is to confirm which type of CMM you need. According to the location of the head placement on the measuring machine, there are three basic types: vertical, horizontal and portable. For the vertical coordinate measuring machine, the probe is installed on the vertical arm, the precision of the measuring machine is higher than that of the horizontal measuring machine. Because the bridge type is more stable and has fewer moving parts which makes it has better rigidity and stability. The vertical three-coordinate measuring machine contains various dimensions, you can use it to measure the fuselage of the small gear to the engine box, or even the commercial aircraft.

The horizontal measuring machine is installed the probe on the horizontal axis. They are commonly used to detect large workpieces, like a car body.

The portable measuring machine simplifies the measurement of the artifacts and assemblies that cannot be moved to the measuring machine, a portable measuring machine can be installed on an artifact or assembly piece or even inside, this allows for measurements of internal space. By using a portable can save the moving, transporting time.


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