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How to Calibrate CMM Probe Head

Feb 13, 2017

Coordinate measuring machine(CMM)is used more and more widely in the machinery, automotive, aerospace, mold and other industries, and the object need to be detected is becoming more and more complicated, which requires the testing personnel can mast flexible application in the measurement process. CMM Probe head is an important part, it plays a very important role, and can provide stable base for measuring precision. Before using CMM, it must first to calibrate the probe head to determine the accurate.

We can use the following steps to calibrate probe head. First to confirm the installation direction of the probe quill is whether consistent with the CMM axis direction, after remove the probe quill, it needs to be calibrated. It need to ensure the quill be fixed and reliable. And the probe head and needle need to be calibrated by using special tools to ensure the ruby ball be clean and no damage. The installation of the extension bar must be consistent with the load capacity of measuring head. 

To make the probe quill, extended bar, stylus and probe set up correctly, the using position of probe head is right. Standard diameter must be the real value in the calibration certificate. The calibrating speed of probe head must be consistent with the measuring speed. When calibrating the single probe, should pay attention to the deviation between stylus diameter and sphere. 

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