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Factors Affecting the Imaging of CCD

Aug 21, 2017

Some technological leaps, such as pixels, have brought more markets to cameras.

The CCD camera in the Video Measuring Machine is also continuously optimized, but few people understand the influence of CCD camera image quality, especially the CCD size. Many times we only consider the lens focal length, exposure tolerance, signal-to-noise ratio, etc., but we do not know that these are closely related to the CCD size. What exactly is the impact of CCD size? Below will briefly introduce the relationship between CCD size and imaging quality.

1. Photosensitive element MOS

The photosensitive element MOS of CCD is the container used to store charge, and the volume of the container is the exposure tolerance. And CCD size will directly affect the size of the MOS, so when the size increases, the MOS volume will increase, but it inevitably causes a decline in the CCD pixel. But hold the charge increase, makes the dynamic range of CCD, exposure latitude will increase, the CCD can be sensitive to the more subtle changes in the light, make the film would have strong administrative levels.

On the contrary, the pixel will be enhanced, but the improvement of resolution will not improve the quality of the picture. The charge overflow will lead to the appearance of the image noise, and the overall image quality will decrease. So sometimes, in order to get a high quality image, it is very important to reduce the demand for pixels.


2.Focal length

The CCD size of the DC is very small, probably only a dozen or a few dozen of the 135 film, so DC's lens is very short. The aperture index is equal to the lens focal length, so the short focal length not only limits the range of the aperture, but also limits the diameter of the lens, which also limits the ability to catch the light.

3.Comparison and Choice 

Often we use pixels to judge camera levels, but we rarely consider size. In fact, size is an important indicator of digital camera imaging. Under the same conditions, the larger the camera size, the better the image, and the higher the pixel will affect the quality of the picture. Usually CCD has the following dimensions: 1/2.7 inch, 1/2.8 inch, 2/3 inch, 1/3 inch, APS, etc. General SLR cameras are in APS, so pay attention to size when choosing your camera.

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