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Ensure Accuracy of Coordinate Measuring Machine--Granite

Nov 03, 2016

Precision manufacturing is one of the most important development direction of mechanical manufacturing, it has become a symbol to measure the levels of high-tech of a country. The development of cutting-edge technology and defense industry is dependent on the precision detection. Three coordinate measuring machine as a kind of high efficient precision measuring instruments, widely used in machinery manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, electronic industry, aerospace and national defense industries. The application of granite in three coordinates measuring has confirmed as early as several years ago. There is no other material which is better than granite that can satisfy the measurement requirements.



Elastic modulus :128Gpa

Compressive strength:262.2Mpa

Flexure strength:374.8Mpa

Water absorption:normally 0.5~0.7%

Coefficient of linear expansion:55~73×10-6℃

Shore hardness:79.8(Amount to HRC>55)


1. Good stability. After one hundred million years of natural aging treatment, internal stress had been eliminated. Its organization is stable, that is almost without deformation, the accuracy can remain stable for a long time.

2. Simple processing. By grinding, polishing, it is easy to get high precision and surface roughness. It is not sensitive to temperature. Coefficient of thermal conductivity and coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient is small, even in the absence of a constant temperature environment can maintain accuracy. In the precision equipment, the distortion caused by temperature will influence the accuracy. But granite is not sensitive to temperature, the temperature is relaxed, therefore can achieve higher precision. 

3. Easy maintenance. Under the condition of surface clean, the granite has higher resistance, without deformation, so it will not affect the accuracy. 

4. Good vibration absorption. Vibration is unfavorable factors of precision measurement. 

5. Non-conducting, diamagnetic.

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