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Elimination of System Error

Jun 28, 2018

There are several ways to eliminate system errors
1.Error eradication, that is, eliminated from the root. Such as calibrate “HOME” before using. The manufacturing and wear error of the block can be eliminated when the measuring block is used "equant".

2. Error correction. Will verify and calculate the system error of gage in advance, to make the error table or curve, and then take the same numerical and symbolic opposite value from the system error of as the revised, Make the measured values plus the corresponding revised value to get the measuring results without system error.


3. Error cancellation. This approach requires to make the measurement in a symmetric position to make the system error of the data measured in these two measurements is equal value and opposite direction. Take the average value as measured value to eliminate the fixed value system error. If the pitch of the screw thread part is measured, the pitch of the left and right tooth surfaces is measured respectively and then averaged, the system error caused by incorrect installation of the screw part during measurement can be offset.

4. Half period method. The periodic system error can be measured once every half cycle, and the average value of the data measured next to each other can be taken as a measurement value, which can effectively eliminate the periodic system error.

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