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A New Generation of Measuring Innovation

Aug 18, 2016

Five axis measurement technology refers to the synchronous movement of three coordinates measuring machine(CMM) and probe head axis, which greatly reduces the dynamic error under the high measuring speed. Five axis is applied to complex artifacts of high precision, high efficiency measurement, especially for aviation, aerospace, military industry and other fields.

In traditional measurement method, CMM shall perform all necessary movement to obtain surface data. The inertial acceleration will cause machine structure deviation, and then the measuring error comes into being.

PH20 probe headhigh speed five-axis scanning probe

Five axis measurement technology is used together with free rotation probe, the probe can move on the two rotation axis at the same time during the measuring process. Which break through the traditional limitations. Therefore, CMM can work in its best way, that is, the CMM can move in accordance with the direction of a single vector moving at a constant speed. Relative to the CMM, probe head has a lighter weight and better dynamic performance, and has better adaptability. So it is able to quickly track the change of the work-piece geometry, and won't import harmful dynamic error. Moreover it can also speed up the surface measurement speed, shorten the measurement cycle.

Five axis measurement technology not only improve the efficiency of measurement but shorten the production lead time in the largest degree, which provide a more comprehensive quality assessment to the manufacturers.

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