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Different CMM Probe Quill

Jul 05, 2018

There are many kinds of coordinate measuring machine probes, which are mainly divided into fixed type, manual rotating type, manual rotating automatic indexing type, automatic rotating automatic indexing type and universal detection system.

1. Fixed and Manual Rotated Quill

For small or manual coordinate measuring machine, manual rotatable type is suitable because it has no special cable and circuit requirements. These small probe systems allow operators to easily reposition the probe while measuring the elements. Operators only need to carry out positioning calibration during data measurement, which greatly shortens the testing cycle. The repeatability of most manual rotatable probe positions can reach 0.15 microns.

2. Fixed Quill and Universal Detection System

Universal detection system equipped in CNC measuring machine is close to become the standard configuration, this is because it has superior performance and generality, in order to measure the complex parts, especially it is the lowest cost scheme which need to touch the measurement of the parts from different direction. In order to measure complex parts requiring multiple stylus, the fixed probe quill cannot rotate. Due to the small space of the measuring machine, the fixed quill is unable to rotate, so many stylus are needed for the measurement of complex parts. However, the space occupied by the measuring machine is small and there is no rotation error.

3. Continuously Rotated Quill

The three coordinate measuring machine can keep the accuracy of 600mm long extension. Because it can rotate continuously, the deep hole can be detected in any direction and can be connected to the trigger probe.

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