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Operation Before Starting the CMM

Sep 19, 2016

3D measuring instrument is a kind of precision measuring machine. So its accuracy is the key, but the accuracy not only be decided by the machine itself such as its frame, probe and so on, it also be decided by the environment and the operating skills. Follows are some notes about the operation before start the CMM.

The guide rail processing precision of 3D measuring machine is high, and its distance between the air bearing is small. If there is dust or other impurity on the guide, it will cause gas bearing and guide rail scratch. So the guide should be cleaned every time before starting the machine. Metal rails should be cleaned with aviation gasoline wipe (120 or 180 # gasoline), and granite guide should be cleaned with anhydrous alcohol. 

Remember it, can't give any grease to gas bearing in the process of maintenance; Measuring machine even if not be used for a long time, should also maintain effective environmental temperature humidity. Therefore, suggest to carry out regular air conditioning dehumidification to prevent the damage of measuring machine under high temperature and high humidity environment

If three coordinate measuring machine is not used for a long time, it should be prepared before starting work: control indoor temperature and humidity (for 24 hours), in the humid environment should also be regularly open the electric control cabinet to ensure the circuit board is fully dry and to avoid the damage because of damp when sudden charging. Then check the air supply, power supply. It is better to configure voltage-stabilized source.


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