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Daily Operation and Maintenance of NANO CMM

Sep 23, 2016

To ensure that the measuring machine can work effectively for a long-term, please keep a good operation habit and do routine maintenance to the measuring machine.

Nano will provide a pay-needed maintenance to the CMM. If ok, please send the wrong CMM to the nearby Nano branch company or Nano marketing and service center.

1. Material for everyday maintenance

Item Operating frequency Use

120# aviation gasoline High To clean the guide ways

Absorbent cotton or cotton cloth High To clean the guide ways

2. Power on and power off.

 1)Power on steps

a)Firstly make the medical absorbent cotton or lint-free cotton dip the 120# aviation gasoline and then dry it. Clean the guide and worktable with the cotton. 

b)Check whether there are obstacles to stop CMM home in the measuring space.

c)Open the air switch and check the mechanical pressure gauge, the working pressure should not be less than 5.5 Bar.

d)Turn on the power

e)Turn on the controlling cabinet power

f)Turn on the computer

g)Start Rational-DIMS software

h)Turn on the emergency switch on the control cabinet and equipment by clockwise rotation. 

i)Turn on the emergency stop button on the control box.

j)Rotate the probe angle to A0B0 and then home the CMM so as to start work piece measurement.

2) Power off steps 

a) Rotate the probe angle to A90B180

b) Remove the machine axes near to the Origin of coordinates by hand controller.

c) Push the emergency button on hand controller and control cabinet. 

d) Exit from Rational-DIMIS software.

e) Turn off the computer

f) Turn off the control cabinet power

g) Turn off the power

h) Turn off the power of the air compressor


Please inform us if any questions or advice