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Coordinate Measuring Machine in CNC Machining

Aug 25, 2016

With the development of manufacturing industry, CNC machine have been widely used. Processing companies all have their own CNC machine or numerical control processing center. The application of CNC machine is to enhance the processing capacity of enterprises, which can make the manufacturing industry produce high quality mechanical products, at the same time can minimize manufacturing time, improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

percision measuring machine

Three coordinate measuring machine is a kind of measuring equipment combined the optical, mechanical, electronic and computer control technique with high precision, high efficiency. CMM can issue effective measurement of the first article inspection and manufacturing process of complex shape and precision parts. Thus it can provide the most effective and accurate data for machine tool fixture and adjustment of cutting tool position compensation and the processing program.

Manufacturing enterprises have their own precision CNC processing equipment right to work out high quality products. High quality products fundamentally are realized through the manufacturing process, rather than relying on final inspection. The quality target of the modern manufacturing industry is as far as possible keep the parts production in accordance with the design requirements. However, in order to maintain the consistency of the production process and design, you must control the manufacturing process. Manufacturing process controlling is the most effective method is to accurately measure the size, after get the size information, through the analysis of contrast can feedback the production process, improve the processing technology or production process, so as to continuously improve product quality.

five axis auto probe head PH20

Three coordinates is one of the most effective methods to accurate measurement and evaluation of the size, and can instead of a variety of measurement tools. Thereby greatly reducing the tools needed to complete the complex product testing and purchase costs, which in turn has greatly reduce the testing time.

CNC machining equipment can’t work without CMM in the production of mechanical products. The application of three coordinates can provide reliable data for development and production of CNC products, so as to ensure the high quality of products, and play an important role to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

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