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Condition as for CMM installation site

Nov 09, 2017

1. Installation circumstance

In order to ensure the smooth installation, repair and maintenance for the machine, please guarantee enough space in horizontal direction.

In vertical direction, no less than 200 millimeters above the machine should be insured.

Please abide by the rules as follows, so as to do the right installation:

The machine should be gotten away from the window, the door, wind outlets of the air-controlling system or where cross-ventilation exists.

The machine should be gotten away from direct sunlight in case of different temperature occurence. Generally, the machine have to be far away from the heat source, even insulation boards should be placed around the machine.

The machine have to be far away from where strong electricity or magnetic field is generated, such as where there is a power switch, a transformer, a electric discharge machine, a high frequency furnace or an impedance welding machine. Even although the machine is isolated from them, the machine still has to keep a long distance away from there.

The CMM should be installed far away from the machine like a punching machine or a power hammer, which can produce or transmit vibration.

The CMM should not be installed on the second floor or above.

In a word, the CMM must be properly placed to ensure the correct installation and the right operation zone, in case that it is interfered.


2. Some other related points

During the CMM installation, you must pay more attention to the following items.

 a. A power supply and a air supply system must be get ready in advance, so that the operator won’t be hurt when they are installing, operating or maintaining the machine.

b. Lighting facility is essential for safe installation, maintenance and operation.

c. The user must specially mark the CMM to avoid damage to other people or articles when adjustment or operation is being done.

d. There must be some special responsible persons in charge of the machine operation and its management. So that it won’t delay the schedule if the work task isn’t coordinated well.

e. Safe operation rules and manual must be made to carry out so as to prevent accidents.

f.  Related country standards and company ones must be obeyed.

Please infrom us if any questions or advice

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