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Common Calibration Problems of CMM

Aug 16, 2018

1. What is the working process of the coordinate measuring machine

The coordinate measuring machine is measured through the relative movement of the probe system and the work-piece. The probe mainly detects the three-dimensional coordinates of the work-piece surface points and obtains the final results through a series of calculations.

2. What equipment is needed to calibrate the coordinate measuring machine?

In general, calibration of coordinates measuring machine is not complicated, as long as the following standards are available: laser interferometer, electronic level, square ruler and standard sphere, the size of corresponding grade up to 1000mm measuring block, etc.


3. What is the 21 error of the coordinate measuring machine?

As we know that three coordinate measuring machine has three movable axis, and there are 1 positioning error and 5 geometric error (including: two direction linear error, two direction angle error), as a result, there are 18 error in total of three axis There are also perpendicularity error between three coordinate axes. Therefore, a total of 21 error items of three coordinate measuring machine, it is also a main factor of the measurement result is not accurate

4. When do we need to calibrate 21 errors?

21 errors must be calibrated under the following circumstances: when the new machine is checked, when the coordinate machine is moved, when the coordinate machine is repaired, when the length measurement error is out of tolerance. Because 21 error is the basis of coordinate machine accuracy, calibration is also more complex.

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