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The Usage of CMM in Reverse Engineering

Aug 11, 2016

Reverse engineering is a kind of product batch production and the secondary development technology developed from 20th century. Because it is in contrast to the traditional product development order, therefore it is often referred to as reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is the result of the field of commercial and military hardware. Its main aim is to carry out the measurement of original products when cannot easily obtain the necessary production information. Secondly is to use CAD to set up product model, then carry out appropriate treatment to the product model to produce new products. In reverse engineering, the three coordinate measuring machine is an important equipment. The product of the original digital and product surface reconstruction process requires the support of the three coordinate measuring machine.

Digital of the original products is the first step in reverse engineering development, also is the most critical step. The precision of the digital products can affect the structure of product analysis and secondary development of the product. While using coordinate measuring machine, it can achieve higher accuracy requirement and accurate 3 d model of the product.

Three coordinate measuring machine can be divided into two types: contact measurement and non-contact measurement. Contact measurement method by sensing head contact with samples and record the coordinates on the surface of the sample. It can be subdivided into trigger type and continuous type. For the large samples of aerospace, automotive and other industries, can generally choose contact measurement. The trigger type measurement can be artificially planned, which can get more points in the large curvature or sharp curvature change area. While in the relatively flat area, it can be measured with fewer points to meet the accuracy requirement.

Non-contact measuring method is mainly based on the basic principle in the field of optical, acoustic, magnetism and so on. Rapidly collecting a large number of dense points in the entire surface of the samples set, which is easy to operate, and can reduce artificial measurement plan.

The amount of data caught by three coordinate measuring machine is very large, which can achieve high accuracy requirement. So it is more widely used in the reverse engineering.

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