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CMM Usage in Aviation Blade

Aug 22, 2016

Aircraft engine industry is the essence of manufacturing and it is a marking of national science and technology level. Blade is the "heart" of aircraft engine components, which decided the engine performance, safety and life. Therefore the quality detection of blade is more complex and stringent. The traditional detection method is to use special equipment to test the blade, which leads to the low detection efficiency and poor accuracy. In recent years, with the popularity of three coordinate measuring machine, the most widely used method is to use contact CMM to measure on blade surface by the method of two-dimensional scanning for testing.

REVO probe in blade measuring

Three coordinate measuring machine is widely used in measuring mechanical parts dimension and position tolerances. It carries out data acquisition through the probe triggering or scanning on the work-piece, and then through calculation of the software to synthesis the element to be measured, and get the results. It can measure the object digitization, improve the measurement accuracy through error compensation technology, and has flexible measuring software to realize the automation and high efficiency of aviation blade measurement.

NANO precision three coordinate measuring machine used in aerospace, national defense, fixture and mould manufacturing industries such as automotive spare parts of 3D measurement. It is equipped with Rational DMIS measuring software which is certified by the German PTB. The software has blades testing module. Blade detection module supports the trigger and scanning detection modes, supports section scanning. It can also quickly calculate the measured position of important parameters of the blade, greatly improves the detection precision and efficiency.

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