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CMM Switch on/off

May 03, 2018

Machine Switch on/off

A. Switch on

1. Open air source, work pressure is bigger than 0.60Mpa

2. Turn on the total power of the system and turn on the power of the control cabinet.

3. Turn on the PC

4. Turn on the E-stop

5. Open UCCservice, RationalDMIS

6. Make the machine “Go Home”

B. Switch off

1.  Move the machine to safe position by joystick

2.  Move the Probe to safe position(A90, B180)

3.  Push the E-stop button

7.  Safe the data and close UCCservice, RationalDMIS

4.  Close the PC

5.  Switch off power and air

6.  Switch off the power of air compressor


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