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CMM Principles

Apr 26, 2018

A. Moving principle

Moving parts is a layer of film to achieve suspension movement part by air flotation and the granite formed between the guide rail, driven by servo system, movement required power is small, do not have to worry about guide rail wear.


B. Measure principle

For a ruler, when the direction and origin is specified, the ruler is equivalent to a number axis; If two rulers are placed perpendicular to each other, the positive direction of the two rulers is specified, and the intersection point is the origin, thus forming a plane rectangular coordinate system. Similarly, the three rulers are placed perpendicular to each other, stipulating the positive direction of the three rulers, and stipulating that the three rulers intersect at the origin, thus forming a space rectangular coordinate system.



Three coordinate axis on the guide rail with high precision grating ruler, the readings grating signal device is reading head, the relative motion of the grating ruler and reading head causing coordinate change. When specifies three axis grating ruler “Home Position”, reading head is reading the coordinates on the current machine coordinates, reading head transmit the data to the computer through control system. So we can see the current sitting values on the software.

C.Counting principle

1.  In the coordinate space, you can use coordinates to describe the position of each point.
2. A number of points can be used mathematical way to fit geometric elements, such as: surface, line, circle, cylinder, cone, etc.

3. Using geometrical element characteristics, such as the diameter of the circle, the center point, the vertex normal vector, the axis of the cylinder, cone, etc. That can calculate the distance between the geometric elements and gauge position relation, to form tolerance evaluation.

4. Complex mathematical formula is written into program software, which can be used for the detection of special parts. Gears, blades, curved surfaces, data statistics, etc.

5. The main algorithm is the least square method.

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