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CMM Operation Instructions During Holidays

Sep 27, 2018

Before Holiday—Power off the machine

1.      Move the 3 axes to safe position by joystick(100mm from the Home Position)

2.      Rotate the probe to Angle A90 B180 safe position.

3.      Push the E-stop button on joystick and controller board.

4.      Save data, close RationalDMIS& UCCservice software.

5.      Turn off the PC

6.      Power off the controller board and air resource.

7.      Power off the air compressor.

Before Work—Machine Maintenance

1.      Open the air conditioner, make the room temperature to 20±2℃.

2.      Check the oil potion of air compressor whether be normal.

3.      Drain the oil and water from the separator(or air and water)

4.      Check electric and air circuit to ensure it can meet needs.

5.      Clean the obstacle on the guide rail, wipe the guide rail with 120# gasoline stained with absorbent cotton, wipe it in one direction during the process of wiping the guide rail, do not wipe it back and forth, or onto the grating ruler.


On Working—Power on

1.      Open air source, make working pressure greater than 0.60Mpa

2.     Switch ON the total power of the system and turn on the power of control cabinet (rotate to "ON" position)

3.      Open the PC.

4.    Turn on the E-stop switch (clockwise rotation), open the E-stop switch on the control cabinet and the joystick

5.      Open UCCservice& RationalDMIS.

6.      Make the machine be Home Position.

Please infrom us if any questions or advice

Email: overseas@cmm-nano.com