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CMM Environment Conditions

Aug 24, 2016

As Coordinate Measuring Machine is high-precision measuring equipment, its environment condition can affect its measuring accuracy in a certain degree, so that the best working conditions should be guaranteed.

1. Temperature requirement for high accuracy measurement

 1.1 Temperature range: 20±2 ℃

 1.2 Temperature change:<0.5 ℃/h;<1 ℃/24h

 1.3 Temperature Gradient:<0.5 ℃/m

 1.4 Machine’s Balancing Temperature Time:>48h

Remarks: The machine accuracy will decrease if the temperature does not reach the standard requirements. 

2. Relative Humidity

The humidity of working environment affects the machine in the following two main aspects:

High humidity makes it easy to rust the machine parts so as to affect the machine’s working and lifetime; Low humidity makes it easy to produce static so as to cause bad influence on the working of computer and control system. The suitable humidity range is 45%—60%. 

3. Cleanness

As static and dust can possibly affect the measuring machine, keeping dustproof and antistatic should be considered into the design of ground surface and wall surface.

4. Air Supply

Clean and dry. Its humidity is less than 15%

Air consumption: 50L/min

Air pressure: 6-10 bar

5. Power supply

AC 220V, 50Hz, 2.5KVA; voltage fluctuation should not large than 5% of rating voltage; Don’t use the CMM with other high-power electronic devices together such as air conditioner, duplicating machine, shredder, etc. In case of together using is essential, please adopt isolating transformer or high frequency noise filter. 

6. Base Vibration Requirement

Vibrate frequency≤10Hz         amplitude≤0.5mm

10 Hz<vibrate frequency≤30 Hz    amplitude≤1mm

Vibrate frequency>30 Hz         amplitude≤3μm

7. Landing 

In order to guarantee CMM power control system and pc system reliable and stable working, we should equip CMM with an independent and reliable grounding system. The grounding system should be design according to local actual condition and grounding resistance should be below 4 ohm.

When the geological condition is bad, the stripped grounding device should be adopted, which is made of galvanized flat steel welded and coated by pitch to protect itself. The grounding resistance should be below 4 ohm, or the grounding device should be lengthen.

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