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The Catalysts of Industrial Development--Bridge Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Aug 08, 2016

Since the 1960s, the industrial production had been developed very quickly. Especially after the rise of machine tools, machinery, automobile, aerospace and electronics industry, various kinds of advanced testing technology and instruments are needed, so the three coordinate measuring machine which embodies 3d measurement technology arises at the historic moment, and has rapid development and improvement.

The measurement precision of traditional measurement tools (such as micrometer, calipers, gauge block, etc.) is generally low, which can be used in the field whose general accuracy is not high. But for high-tech products, the measurement data is not satisfied, and it costs manpower material resources to measure the small parts one by one. The emergence of three coordinates officially broke this difficult problem.

advanced and precision bridge measuring machine to provide practical measuring solutions

In 1956, the world's first coordinate measuring machine developed by the British FERRANTI company, then after a series of improvement, in 1964, the Swiss SIP company began to use software to measure the distance between points, which opened the use of software measurement. After the rapid development of computer technology, CNC era coming, the function of the coordinate measuring machine is stronger and the measuring accuracy is higher.

With the progress of science and technology, the function, precision and quality of the three coordinate measuring machine are gradually improved, especially in the research and development of machine tools, machinery, automobile, aerospace and various complicated parts production. In response to the global competition, manufacturing enterprises are also attaches great importance to improve the machining efficiency and reduce the production cost. Among them, the most important is to produce high quality products. In order to ensure the size of the parts and technical performance meet the requirements, the companies issue strict quality management. Only on the premise of guarantee the high quality production can the manufacturer realize the survival and development.

Three coordinate measuring machine with its high precision, high flexible and excellent digital capability becomes an important means of quality assurance in modern design, development, manufacturing, processing and manufacturing.

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