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Basic Knowledge of Coordinate Measuring Machine Operators

Sep 25, 2017

Coordinate measuring machine operators should have the basic knowledge of computer, and have some knowledge and familiarity with optics, machinery and electronic knowledge.   

1.Parts to be tested before work, should be cleaned deburring to prevent the completion of the part's surface residual coolant and residues after processing affecting the measuring accuracy of measuring machine and the service life of the stylus tip;

2.The measured parts should be in the constant temperature before measurement. If the temperature difference is too large, the measurement accuracy will be affected.

3.Large and heavy parts should be placed lightly on the worktable so as to avoid the collision, causing the work table or parts to be damaged. When necessary, a piece of thick rubber can be placed on the workbench to prevent collision.

4.After the small and light parts are put into the working platform, the measurement will be carried out after fastening, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected.

5.During the working process, the probe quill must be removed from the part to avoid collision, especially if it has a lengthening bar.

6.If an exception noise or sudden emergency occurs during the process of working, please do not disassembly and maintenance by youself and do not hesitate to contact us, we will arrange professionals to help customers solve problems.


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