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Basic Knowledge of CMM Software

Jul 31, 2017

The three-coordinate measuring machine consists of the host, software system, electric (control) system and the measuring head system. The following contents are mainly introduced the computer software system of the coordinate measuring machine.

The computer is the data processing center. The main functions are:

1. Parameter setting of control system; the upper computer communicates with the control system and implements the parameter setting through "super terminal". Special software can be used to debug and test the system.

2. Carry out the head definition and the head calibration, and the radius compensation of the probe; By means of different measurement head configuration and different measuring head angles, the measured coordinate values are different. To make the results of different configuration and different measuring head position can be calculated together, it’s required to do probe calibration before carrying out measurement. Through this method, we can obtain probe configuration information to do radius compensation of each measuring point, and transfer the coordinates of different measurement points from different angles to the "benchmark" head position.

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3. Set up the coordinate system for the need of measurement. The software can set up the coordinate system with the reference of the parts, and it refers to the parts coordinate system which can be shifted and rotated according to need. For the convenience of measurement, multiple coordinate system can be established.

4. To calculate and analyze the measurement data. It can calculate and evaluate all kinds of tolerances required for part drawings, and use statistical software to measure the measurement results. Various special measuring software can be used to measure gear, curve, surface and complex parts.

5. Programming, inform the move position and touch control to the control system; The measurement software can be programmed by means of recording measurement and offline programming according to the user's needs, which can be used to measure or scan the batch parts automatically and accurately.

6. Output measurement report; In the measurement software, the operator can set the template according to the format he needs and generate the test report.

7. Transmit measurement data to the specified network or computer. Through network connection, the computer can carry out data, program input and output.

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