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Application of Reverse Engineering in Mould Manufacturing

Sep 28, 2016

Doing a reverse design work might be more challenging than a top-down design. Before the design of a product, you must try to understand the design idea of original model, on this basis may also need to repair or to overcome the defects of the original model. In some ways, the reverse design is also a redesign process. Before starting a reverse design, should carry out a careful analysis of parts, which mainly consider the following points:


(1) Determine overall thought of the design, carry out systematic analysis of the model of work-piece. The model mainly be divided into several characteristics area to concluded the overall thought of design, and find the difficulty, accomplish know fairly well basically.

(2) Determine the curved surface type of basic structure in the shape of a model, which related to the choice of appropriate design software and the determination of software modules. For free-form surface, such as automobile, motorcycle's outer and inner decoration, etc., covering parts usually need to adopt a convenient adjustment of curve and surface module; For elementary analytic curved surface parts such as plane, cylinder, cone surface is not necessary because according to their measurement data can obviously know that it is plane or cylindrical surface.

In fact, some columns, convex platform is characterized after contour was determined, the whole measurement entity model was combined with the scanning data generated. Should choose some scanning points or lines whose quality are better.

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