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Air Quality Effects on Measuring Machine

Mar 13, 2017

From the above narrative, the user can understand it is very important whether the compressed air can guarantee the normal work of CMM, and whether the coordinate measuring machine can guarantee high accuracy. So, what are the effects of the air quality to CMM?

1. Pressure

  • The pressure effect on air bearing.

Under normal working pressure, the thickness of air space between air bearing and guide rail is fixed, which can ensure good repeatability of CMM. If the pressure of air supply fluctuates, the change of the pre-tightening force of the air bearing will accordingly lead to the change of inter membrane space? When the inter membrane space becomes very small, there is a certain friction between air bearing and guide rail, which may cause relative friction between air bearing and guide rail when the machine is running. It may even seriously cause scratches on guide rail and influent  machine‚Äôs performance

  • The effect to balance cylinder

Balance cylinder is used to balance Z axis. When the Z axis gravity equals to the attractive force generated by cylinder air pressure, Z axis will keep balance. Once the cylinder attractive force is less than gravity, the whole balance system will be out of control. Z axis as well as the probe head will drop down. It may damage the probe and Z axis. Therefore, it is very necessary to guarantee the right pressure of compressed air for CMM.

Although our company has taken a variety of measures to control the negative result of fluctuation of the compressed air pressure, in order to guarantee that you can use the CMM normally, please strictly control air pressure of CMM.

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2. The effect of air cleanness

Because the air is not pure, it contains not only a certain amount of water, but also a lot of dust and other impurities. These impurities will go into the air compressor with air together. And then, they go into high-pressure compressed air with oil mist particles together. If these impurities are not removed, it will be very harmful to the use and performance of the measuring machine mainly in the following two aspects:

  • The effect of air contaminants

There are lots of impurity particles in compressed air that are not filtered. The diameter of particles is several to dozens of micrometers. After going into the compressor with moisture in the air, they can form some materials. Their diameter is larger. If these kinds of stuff directly go into CMM without filtering, it may cause serious threat to the lifespan of CMM. In severe cases, it may leads to scrap of CMM.

  • The effect of oil and water

Oil mist and moisture in the air is compressed into high-pressure compressed air by the compressor. The air is not filtered and goes into the air pipe of CMM. This can lead to serious corrosion to air pipes. And it will also create other impurities in connecting pipe, which will directly affect the guide rail. Finally it will lead to inaccurate measuring results and even affect the lifespan of CMM.

Although Nano CMMs has the filter component to effectively purify compressed air. However, our company's air purification device has very high precision, we suggest users to configure air filter next to air compressor. If there is too much water in the air, it is strongly recommended user to equip the air drying system.