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​ Regular Maintenance of NANO CMM

Aug 31, 2016

1. Daily Maintenance

a) Before daily maintenance, the CMM is not allowed to use.

b) Clean the naked surface of the guide rail with absorbent cotton or cotton cloth dipped with aviation gasoline or ethanol.

c) Check whether there is scratch caused by air bearing on the surface of guide rail.

d) Check whether there is water or oil in air processing components, if there is, let it out manually.

e) Check whether there is pollution in air processing components, if necessary, clean or replace it.

f) Check whether there is abnormal sound during CMM running 

g) Check whether the device to protect operator and CMM is safe and reliable.

NANO CMM adopt aluminum alloy frame to have good stability

2. Monthly maintenance

a) Check whether the part of CMM is loose, lost or damaged. If necessary, user has to tighten or repair the loose part and replace damaged ones.

b) Check and clean air processing components. Keep the filter cartridge and air path clean.

c) Check whether there is dirt on the surface of grater. And clean it with dry cotton cloth.

3. Quarterly maintenance 

a) Check whether the cable in electric cabinet is loose or damaged. If there is any fault, please contact Nano for repair or replacement.

b) For air path maintenance, please clean the filter cartridge and cup. Check the drain hole, if the user finds a crack on the surface of cup, please replace it timely.

c) Check whether there is abnormal sound, whether there is foreign material on guide railis and whether running is smooth during measurement.

d) Disassemble the cover, check and clean inside of the Z axis. If some parts are damaged or loose, please tighten, repair or replace the related components.

 four-side arround air bearing to ensure good stability

4. Yearly maintenance

a) In order to guarantee the normal work of CMM, cleaning air filter components annually is recommended. For instance, if air quality is not qualified, replacing the air filter processing components is strongly recommended. This will help to improve the quality of high-pressure compressed air and guarantee the normal work of CMM.

b) CMM is kind of high-precision equipment. It is strongly recommended to examine CMM annually. If accuracy is not reliable or there is no annual inspection report, the machine is not allowed to use.

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