SCAN 3D Pro Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

SCAN 3D Pro Handheld 3D Laser Scanner
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Product Details

1. Overview

SCAN 3D Pro series handheld laser scanner, using a number of laser lines to obtain three-dimensional point cloud on measured surface. The engineer can hold the instrument and move flexibly, and can determine the spatial position of the scanner in the scanning process by the visual mark, so as to complete the whole reconstruction of the 3D point cloud. The scanner can be conveniently carried to the industrial field or workshop. And according to the shape and size of objects, choose to issue efficient and accurate scanning.  It has flexible and convenient operation, suitable for various complex application scenarios.

   laser scanning

2. Technical Features

Light source: 3 sets of cross laser plus 1 additional laser, 7 laser in total

A single laser beam can be changed to: can change to single laser scanning mode, suitable for deep hole and corner

High scanning speed: 26.5W times per second 

Accurate measurement: high scanning accuracy, up to 0.030mm, resolution up to 0.050mm

Sound and light alarm: the unique sound and light alarm system to make the device easier to use

Lightweight and flexible: because of the small size, it can be easily used in small space. The overall weight of the equipment is less than 1kg

Stable transmission : gigabit network transmission data, transmission speed up to 1Gbps, fast and stable

Convenient calibration: the user can calibrate the scanner according to the required frequency. Calibration takes about 1 minutes, and it ensures the best working condition

Stable and reliable: stable and reproducible results can be achieved under all operating conditions or circumstances.

Dynamic reference: an optical reflective target is used to form a reference system locked to the part itself, Changes in the surrounding environment does not affect the quality and accuracy of data acquisition.

Self positioning: SCAN 3D scanner is not only a data acquisition system, but also positioning system. External tracking or locating equipment.

Portable: just carry a water tank and a laptop to work outside. 

The aviation plug: all the connecting cable integrated in a aviation socket, guarantee a reliable and stable connection and transmission.


3. Parameters






Light Recourse

Light Source   Type

Class II

Light Source   Mode

Three beams   parallel laser


Basic Distance




Depth of Field


Single width   scanning range


Measuring   Scanning

Scanning Speed



Max. 0.04mm

Volume Accuracy

(Using the   scanner lonely)


Volume Accuracy

(Together with   SCAN system)



Cable connector

  Data   and Power integration

Data   transmission connector

Using   Gigabit Ethernet connection 

Software output

Ply, onj, igs,   stl, stp, fbx, wrl, etc.


Temperature   Range


Humidity Range