Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine, Manual CMM, Promas 564

1.Y axis guide-way adopts dove tail type, which has high precision and good stability.
2.Software adopts Rational DMIS
3.Y axis guide-way adopts dove tail type, which has good stability.

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1. Adoption of advanced F.E.M. (finite element method) makes it have a strong rigidity, small geometry error, high precision, high performance and high stability.

2. Y axis guide-way adopts dove tail type, which has good stability.

3. Three axis’s adoption of quiescent air pressure air-bearing guide way, comprised of air bearings which are self-cleaning, pre-loading and high precision, guarantees the large span of bearings, strong anti-sways, small resistance, no abrasion and stable motion.

4. Adoption of world famous reflecting metal tape measuring scale system, which has a close thermal expansion coefficient with most work piece and assure a good repeatability.

5. Software adopts self-owned intellectual property and strong function Rational DMIS software. With its perfect measuring and online function, it will meet customer’s challenging demand with a comprehensive measurement solution.


Linear scaleRENISHAW grating rulers from Britain
Resolution of the RENISHAW reading head1.0um
Measuring Range500mm×600mm×400mm
MPEp R≤3.8um

Optional Probe:

Renishaw MCP ProbeRenishaw Mh20I Probe



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